Rationalization of consumption is one of the main challenges facing those involved in electricity management, maintenance and design of public lighting systems. The serious environmental and economic problems of those times call for the solution of these issues not to be postponed. In addition, European and national regulations are becoming increasingly demanding, in line with global protocols. Last but not least, there is an urgent need to address these issues through increasingly intelligent methods of communication for anyone who wants to stick to state-of-the-art solutions. Unlike in the past, state-of-the-art technology is available today that allows the consumer to enter a smarter and greener future as it allows:
  1. optimizing energy use by maximizing results and significantly reducing consumption and costs
  2. to connect the various services for citizens in a more efficient way.
In the context of these cases, Menowatt Ge is a leading company offering a range of modern and efficient solutions capable of bringing customers to a very advanced level of innovation, communication, saving and environmental protection. In this group, the main position is occupied by MERIDIO. Meridio is a product of Menowatt Ge ten years of experience and know-how in the field of energy efficiency products, remote control and innovative “smart” solutions, in fact it is a unique solution because it has original solutions developed by Menowatt Ge. MERIDIO introduces a new concept for public lighting, which turns a street lamp from a simple element of lighting and urban decoration into a powerful multifunctional station, which also provides services in the field of “Smart City” and smart metering systems (Smart Metering), through intelligent use of the widespread use of public lamps to create the network infrastructure that makes a city “smart”.