We at Technoterm Engineering EAD have built numerous boiler plants fired by liquid and gaseous fuels with gas-fired projects being prevalent in recent years. Typically, at the heart of our projects are various types of boilers, steam generators and co-generation plants from  FONDITAL, VIESMANN, CERTUSS and other manufacturers.

In addition to boiler plants, another important strand of our activity is the gasification of existing systems of heat capacity 116 MW by installing low-emission, environment-friendly burners.

The majority of our products come from manufacturers such as OERTLI- INDUFLAME, RIELLO, GIERSCH, etc.

Our work covers the entire lifespan of a project:

  • Technical design in all disciplines, including supervision on the execution by the designers.
  • Delivery of elements and equipment according to a working project
  • Installation, testing of the finished object
  • Coordination and acceptance
Our designs are developed by highly qualified professionals, in strict compliance with the regulatory requirements and on the basis of standards and licenses for the various disciplines.

The scope of work includes all systems, including generating equipment (boilers, steam generators, co-generation plants), pump systems, water treatment plants, deaerators and piping connections, as well as combustion plants, flue gas ducts and more.

Integrated in our projects are process management and parametric control systems such as leak detection circuits; remote control and metering of the consumption of electricity, natural gas, etc.
Final inspections and commissioning are carried out by qualified and experienced personnel using dedicated equipment and facilities for each process.
Heat sources require systemic care in accordance with strict requirements set out in a number of regulatory documents.