Founded on 9 March 1989, Technoterm Engineering EAD is among the first private companies in Bulgaria operating in the area of thermal engineering, heat generation and gasification.

Over the years of engineering activity, we have successfully completed more than 5000 projects, including ones of heat capacity up to 120 MW.

Currently we provide warranty and post-warranty maintenance for 5000+ sites.

In 2010 the company was acquired by Gruppo Società Gas Rimini S.p.A.

The extensive experience gained across a diverse range of engineering activities – from major industrial sites to household projects – has made Technoterm Engineering an industry leader. We perform successfully the following types of activities:

  • Design of boiler systems, heating furnaces, drying chambers, automated gas control stations, gas control and gas metering points as well as transmission, distribution and on-site gas pipelines;
  • Design, management and implementation of urban gas distribution networks and high-pressure intercity gas transit lines;
  • Supply and installation of a variety of systems such as boilers, burners, turbines, steam generators, piping systems, deaerators, chemical water treatment/management systems, and small-scale household heating installations;
  • Commissioning, servicing and subscription-based maintenance of the designed systems.

All equipment offered and integrated in our projects is imported from well-established European suppliers, including manufacturers from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, etc., which in itself is a guarantee for high quality. Our technical professionals are highly qualified and continue to improve their competence and knowledge of cutting-edge developments by attending regular trainings at our European partners.