The design process starts with a detailed term sheet followed by on-site inspection and obtaining clarity about the customer’s individual requirements. The designs are developed in strict compliance with the legislation in force. We aim to put on the table many options, solutions and equipment schemes, all of which are fully consistent with the energy efficiency requirements of the European Union and, accordingly, minimize fuel costs.

In response to the fast-paced depletion of natural resources and fuels on a global scale, our design solutions incorporate interchangeable fuel systems. Furthermore, for the clients who are truly concerned about the environment, we develop holistic solutions based on alternative energies such as solar or thermal.

Advanced CAD systems are employed in the design and engineering process. Each designer is fully accredited for the designing of HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) systems. The entire process – from the acceptance of the term sheet to the delivery of the completed project – is carried out in accordance with our Quality Management System (QMS) certified to BDS EN ISO 9001:2008.