Measuring tools MeterSit

MeteRSit is a company belonging to SIT Group, which designs, manufactures and markets gas meters with innovative technologies and functions. We believe that our products can improve the way in which gas is measured, sold and used, enabling a more transparent relationship with the end customer and his awareness of energy consumption. Our aim is always to combine innovation with reliability. We are proud to market new measurement technologies, improving performances at a competitive cost. Equally, being part of Sit Group, we strictly follow the reliability as well as the design and construction principles that have made SIT, for more than 60 years, one of the global leader in components and systems in the gas sector. In a few years, we have established ourselves as key players in the markets in which we operate. We have shown that we are able to listen to and understand the needs of our customers and, if necessary, to make changes to meet their needs.
A comprehensive range of smart and integrated gas meters small and easy to install displaying readings in standard cubic meters, no external devices needed for conversion and for communication, for an accurate billing transparent to the end customer.