CERTUSS was established in 1957 in Krefeld, Germany, when Hans Joachim Schroeder set out to reliably produce small, low-noise and compact steam generators. These generators are designed to be easy to maintain and to be used for continuous operation. Today, CERTUSS satisfies customers around the world through sustainable, long-term partnerships. Trained and exclusive service partners in 35 countries are ready to help you anytime, anywhere. We are the market leader with over 60% market share in Germany, offering high quality products   “Made in Germany”. Our company focuses on a clearly defined product line, systematic research and development and a team of highly qualified specialists, ensuring the production of equipment to the highest standards, meeting the regulations of ASME and UL, as well as ISO 9001-2008 and PED. CERTUSS offers generators requiring small space with power from 53 kW to 1320 kW and operating pressures up to 32 bar. To complete the generator system, we offer our CVE, manufactured by CERTUSS equipment, an element installation module where all connected ancillary elements are pre-installed, pre-wired and factory tested. The generators are equipped with a touch screen that simplifies operation. The thermal efficiency of CERTUSS steam generators varies from 91% to 93% *. We offer different types of fuels, liquefied gas, natural gas, heating fuel (EL) or combined burner for natural gas and heating oil (EL) for units over 328 kW. Full maintenance of spare parts is provided to each Generator up to 20 years after commissioning and we store electronic documentation of each Generator manufactured in the last 30 years. “Our history is the cornerstone that supports our current success, continues to grow and allows us to push innovation into the future“ Matthias K. Brauner, CEO, CERTUSS Germany

Electric steam generator E 6 - 72 M

Convenience for the operator • Easy to operate compact device, easy to work • Optional with water and water supply system cooling • Insertion is possible through normal width doors up to 1 m • Wide solid foundations to ensure safe transportation sideways or forward • Direct front access to all parts for easy support Efficiency • Short warm-up time • Fully electronic pressure and outlet control, immediate load adjustment • Stainless steel electric heating elements steel with a large heating surface • Constant network load without peaks of consumption • Output limitation via selector switch at output starting from type E 18 M (optional) Operation and installation • Low space requirements, reduced and robust heavy model in elegant design • Can be installed in work areas • Fully automatic operation with time control or remote pulse (with additional equipment) • Automatic blowing (optional) • Automatic desalination (optional) Safety and quality • Indications of operation and malfunction may be connected to the central management system / the building services control system provided by customer • Serial production within the CERTUSS range • Ready for customer service 24 hours in day and night, 365 days a year • Guaranteed delivery of spare parts for 20 years • Stainless steel version of all parts of boiler in contact with water to be able to generate pure steam
E 6 – 72 M: The new generation of the classic generator The electric steam generators E 6 – 72 M are real CERTUSS steam generators. They are characterized by short heating times and low space requirements. They are low loss and extremely reliable in construction, proven over decades. The E 6 – 72 M convinces by instantly adjusting the output, simplified operation and increased accessibility for maintenance. Small, complete and safe E 6 – 72 M are complete, ready-to-operate, electronically controlled steam generators with built-in feed water tank and water supply pump, as well as all pressure and temperature protection devices. The customer only needs to install power and steam lines. Manual, remote or automatic The control is performed manually by simply pressing buttons or with additional automatic control “Thermotimat” in the device. Control via a central control system / building services management system or external pulse is also possible, as is the display and transfer of work and fault messages. The heart of the E 6 – 72 M consists of a PLC control system that displays operating and fault messages with the corresponding fault codes. Electronically controlled electric heating The output of the heating elements is gradually controlled by semiconductor contactors. This ensures a virtually constant steam pressure with a symmetrical supply load. The corresponding operating pressure range can be set gradually. Optional – power selection switch With multistage generators, the heat output may be limited. Optional – automatic desalination Device for fully automatic desalination, time-controlled and guarantees consistently high steam quality. Optional – automatic purge The E 6 – 72 M steam generators can additionally be equipped with automatic purge. After this reduces the pressure vessel each time it is switched off. Installation conditions In accordance with the European Directive on pressure equipment 97/23 EC, E 6 – 72 M se classified as category II or III depending on the working pressure. They are tested according to EC type examination. Steam generators E 6 – 72 M have less limited installation conditions and operation in EC Member States.
Technical Data E 6 – 72 M * E 6 M E 12 M E 16 M E 18 M E 22 M E 24 M E 28 M E 32 M E 36 M E 40 M E 48 M E 56 M E 64 M E 72 M
Steam production kg/h 8 16 21 24 29 32 37 42 48 53 64 75 86 97
Heat power kW 6 12 16 18 22 24 28 32 36 40 48 56 64 72
Power levels 1 rate 2-rates 3-rates
Input power до 0,6 MPa (6 bar) до 1,2 MPa (12 bar) kW
6,8 12,8 16,8 18,8 22,8 24,8 28,8 32,8 36,8 40,8 48,8 56,8 64,8 72,8
7,8 13,8 17,8 19,8 23,8 25,8 29,8 33,8 37,8 41,8 49,8 57,8 65,8 73,8
Operating voltage 3 x 400 V/ 50 Hz
Permissible pressure MPa 0,6 / 1,0 / 1,2
bar 6 / 10 / 12
Working pressure. min./max. MPa 0,35 – 0,55 / 0,35 – 0,8 / 0,35 – 1,1
bar 3,5 – 5,5 / 3,5 – 8,0 / 3,5 – 11
Water capacity l 28
Dimensions H x W x D mm 1850 x 880 x 680 (depth including mountings approx. 785 mm)
Net weight approx kg 320
Connecting DN water vapors 1″ / feed water 1/2″ / steam 1/2″ / SV-blow-off line 1″ / condensate 3/4″
Provisions Bulgaria In accordance with EPED 97/23 EC to 0,6 MPa (6 bar) category II, over 0,6 MPa category III